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5 - One Beef Quesadilla, One Enchilada, Rice and Beans

Fajita Nachos

Chicken or steak and onions, bell peppers, tomatoes.

Nachos Texas

Includes chicken, steak, & shrimp with onions, bell pepper, tomatoes and onions with cheese dip.


30 - Chimichanga

Deep fried flour tortilla stuffed with beef or chicken. Cheese grilled to golden crispiness and served with lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice & beans and guacamole.

2 - Burrito, Enchilada and Chile Relleno

Delicious Enchiladas: A Mexican Favorite

Delicious Enchiladas: A Mexican Favorite
Indulge in savory enchiladas at our Mexican restaurant. Try our chicken, beef, or cheese enchiladas, each bursting with authentic flavors. Savor the rich blend of spices and melted cheese, all wrapped in warm, soft tortillas. Our enchiladas are a must-try for any Mexican food enthusiast.

Convenient Mexican Takeout and Delivery Options

Convenient Mexican Takeout and Delivery Options
Satisfy your cravings with our convenient Mexican takeout and delivery options. Enjoy sizzling fajitas, flavorful tacos, and cheesy enchiladas in the comfort of your home. Order online for quick pickup or have your favorite dishes delivered right to your door.

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